Saturday, November 30, 2013

CSI - case file 100

Hello everyone!
Please don't fall over in shock - but I m updating my blog!
Boy, has it been a busy time of year!
I have some very exciting projects to share with you so - I have
been a busy little squirrel getting my Christmas on ;0)
Today, I am here to share the latest CSI case file
I had a lot of fun with this one!
If I hate purple, then I have to say I just love yellow!
I find this colour so easy to work with, this case file
is one of my favourites.
As evidence I used:
* Borders - I framed my entire layout with torn paper strips
* Wood - the woodgrain thickers
* Grid - the patterned paper and builder's mesh

I'm finding it easier to use flowers - it's all
about actually getting them out of
their packaging lol!
These are so pretty - I just love Manor House Creations
I've sued some grunge elements stars from The Trinket Track also.
More stars from The trinket track as well
as some of those cute heart cabochons - they are so easy to use!
Some more Manor House flowers and Flourish With A Bling flourish.

I wanted my chipboard piece to tie in with the sandy photo so I
randomly coated it with glitter so it still has a shabby
look to it but is still blingy and pretty!
Ah, working with flowers and glitter - who would have thought!

My testimony is journalled in the
form of a recipe.
Basically the story goes, that morning all the kids woke up
at some un-godly hour. They were so full of beans - Emily specially,  that we ended
up dragging ourselves out of bed and taking them to the park.
The sun wasn't even out yet - but the beauty was
I got some really cool shots using some early
morning light - turning a positive to a negative right?

So, if you want to do a challenge this month - do this one!!
The colours are fab and evidence and testimony
prompt fun and adventurous!
An update on my Dad. For those who didn't know.
He has throat cancer and is at the moment receiving
radiation treatment. It all looks good so far. The Specialists are quite
confident that they can treat it with the radiation.
He is in good spirits!
Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts, I really
appreciate it!!
What would I do without all of you lovelies xoxoxoxoxox
Have a weekend everyone!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Gorgeous! I love love love the colors and the flowers!!!!!

Lynette said...

I totally understand what you mean by the hectic time of the year. Your page is beautiful and the yellow makes me happy.

Wendy O'Keeffe said...

Gorgeous layout Monica. I haven't done any of the CSI challenges yet but they look like fun and I will when the silly season is over. Cheers.

Dani Cristina said...

Look at this!
I love the edge crafted and attractive as you use washi tape.
Photo and choice of roles are perfect. :)

Chantalle said...

Really hope your Dad has continued to improve hun. Gorgeous layout. Perhaps I will one day break open the flower packaging ;)